Stephen C. Schott


Stephen C. Schott

Mr. Stephen C. Schott is the expert for international infrastructure and development projects at Schott Johnson. He is an attorney with a storied career and a deep understanding of international development issues, with a special focus on Africa. As a former World Bank regional Division Chief and Adviser on aid coordination and co-financing, Stephen has been in private international practice since 1987. His long experience working on project financing in Africa is complemented by a private sector specialization in privatization.

Stephen is also a resident expert on World Bank and IMF Administrative Law and specializes as well in International Law and International Organization Administrative Law, private power development, project and corporate finance, international arbitration, and World Bank Group relations. Stephen has been a lecturer for IDTI and ILI on legal issues in privatization and has deep experience in assisting in the strategic planning and formulation of programs of privatization including finance and identification of legal issues.

Among Stephen’s many accomplishments some of his recent activities in private practice have been as:

  • Legal advisor on the contract with the Government of Rwanda for the Management and Privatization of the National Power and Water Company Electrogaz.
  • Legal advisor for a Solar Thermal Power Project in Egypt, where he conducted analysis of Egyptian Law, licensing and regulatory regime affecting a BOT project, including Thermal Power with Solar Thermal Addition.
  • Advisor to the Government of Niger on Constitutional Law and author of Government White Paper on the transition to democracy.
  • Consultant to UNDP on the Moroccan program of privatization.
  • Primary drafter of a report and treaty for the Government of El Salvador on legal/institutional issues for a bi-national hydroelectric project.
  • Advisor to the Government of Zaire.

Before beginning his private practice in 1987, Stephen had served for over 18 years at the World Bank as division chief and co-financing advisor. Prior to that post, Stephen was an attorney advisor in international law, Special Assistant to the Undersecretary of State, Deputy to Ambassador Averell Harriman and Ambassadors Ferguson at the U.S. State Department where he served three presidential administrations.

Stephen is a graduate of Harvard University Law School and Fordham University. He is a native of Brooklyn, New York and has lived in Washington, DC for over forty years. He speaks French, German, Spanish and Dutch.


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