Louis Glotzer

Senior Consultant

Louis Glotzer

Louis Glotzer is a Business Development Consultant in the DC Area. He has over 32 years of training and experience in logistics management of Army maintenance, supply, and transportation functions. As an airman in the USAF, he was certified and worked on F-100s, F-4s, F-111 fighters, and C-130 E cargo aircraft. During the Vietnam War, he deployed to Ubon, Thailand with the first 6EA AC130-A Gunships deployed in that Theater of Operation. Upon his discharge from the Airforce, he returned to the Panama Canal Zone where he was born and raised and was hired as an apprentice Marine Machinist by the Panama Canal Company. While in the apprenticeship program he enrolled in the Panama Canal College and completed an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology and transferred to the Amy’s Marine Division in support of Army watercraft. Within 8 years of becoming a journeyman, he escalated the ranks to become the maintenance manager of all US Army South equipment in support of the 193rd Infantry Brigade, other Services, Federal Agencies, and tenant organizations operating out of Panama. During “Operation Just Cause,” he was credited with providing Combat Service Support to the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions, and, afterward, with the rebuilding of the new Panamanian Public Force vehicles and small arms. He completed his career as an Army Logistician at the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics (DCSLOG) at the US Army South Headquarters. During his tenure in the DCSLOG, he provided logistics support to Joint Task Forces from CONUS performing Engineering and Defense Exercises throughout Central and South America and Caribbean countries. He retired from Civil Service in 1999 and became a Defense Contractor in the DC area working for companies, such as Battelle Corporation developing logistics policy in support of Army Materiel Command’s G4; AT&T Government Solutions as a Senior Program Manager in support of Defense Logistics Agency J-33 developing a prototype that could interoperate with a weapon system’s Interactive Electronic Technical Manual and the Services local supply system; Quantum Research International implementing the Secretary of the Army mandated Strategic Management System within HQ Department of the Army G4 in the Pentagon; Cape Fox corporation as Vice President of Business Development; Chenega Corporation as Vice President of Operations; Potawatomi Federal Solutions as Senior Vice President of Operation managing four (4) subsidiaries; and, since July 2015 as a Business Development Consultant under his own company – Global Logistics & Technology. He completed a BS degree majoring in Political Science at Panama’s Universidad Santa Maria la Antigua in 1983 and graduated at the same University with a Juris Doctor’s Degree. His graduation thesis is in Maritime law and he currently practices corporate law in the Republic of Panama.


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