Lena Prince Nchako

Senior Consultant

Lena Prince Nchako

Lena Prince Nchako, MSPM, specializes in strategic implementation.

She is a recognized implementation specialist with 25 years of experience and success in project development; resource mobilization; innovating organizational systems; building capacity; developing emerging constituencies; and serving as a catalyst for transformational changes in the global socio-economic landscape.

Her unique focus is in transforming strategic plans and merging business, academia and government to mobilize resources for national and international projects that require integrated support. She is adept at building integrated systems and infrastructures and technical training to launch, innovate and grow projects. As the Principal of LPN Consulting, LLC and the founder of the Diaspora Resource Center, Lena’s consulting experience in international development, diaspora engagement and resource mobilization includes creating infrastructures for new and existing universities, businesses and Diaspora community organizations with businesses and projects within host countries and home countries. Lena honed her expertise working as a Special Projects Coordinator and the Interim Director of the U.S. Department of State Central African Logistics Office; an Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement in the U.S. university system where she planned and oversaw components of comprehensive capital campaigns between $250 million and $750 million, and raised over $150M from personal and team efforts; and an Executive Director of Industry Clusters, creating partnership programs for over 120 U.S. corporations. She is a graduate of the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY and Boston University, Boston, MA.


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