Greg Rushford

Senior Advisor

Greg Rushford

Greg Rushford has been an analyst in national security and international trade politics for over a half-century. As a congressional aide, he ran investigations in defense- and intelligence issues for the House Appropriations Committee, and the Select Committee on Intelligence. In the 1980s and early 1990s, Rushford was a senior reporter for Legal Times, where he reported extensively on Washington, D.C. law firms’ lobbying- and litigation strategies on issues ranging from defense to international trade and investment.

Since 1995, Rushford has been editor & publisher of The Rushford Report, a monthly journal that tracks the nexus of national security and international economics. His work has also appeared over the years in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Milken Institute Review, Foreign Policy, the Far Eastern Economic Review, Reader’s Digest, and Seafood Business. Rushford has reported on various trade and security issues from such world capitals as Manila, Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Hanoi, London, Madrid, Paris, Nairobi, Prague, and Kyiv.

Rushford is the author of Appointments with Power (Legal Times Books 1994), and edited How Washington Actually Works for Dummies (Wiley 2012).


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