Dr. Thomaz Costa

Senior Consultant

Dr. Thomaz Costa

Dr. Thomaz Costa is an expert on Brazil’s policies, structural trends, political economy and risk. He also advises on professional education, capacity-building and strategic planning to provide creative but realistic program solutions for national defense, security, environmental issues, public-private sector partnership and professional education for business leadership. He has published and lectured extensively on Latin America and the Caribbean and traveled widely doing field work, presenting at conferences, and consulting for government agencies, corporations, and educational institutions. As a Visiting Scholar, he teaches and assists with program development at the Brazil Initiative, The George Washington University. Dr. Costa retired from the National Defense University (NDU), Washington D.C., as chair of the Regional and Analytical Studies Department and Professor at the College of International Security Affairs (CISA) and at the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (CHDS). At NDU, he taught and directed courses on research methods, strategy and small states, political violence and irregular warfare, national defense, Caribbean and Latin American security affairs, and security sector modernization. Dr. Costa was a career analyst at Brazil’s National Research Council (CNPq), performing as advisor at the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs (Office of the Presidency) and in interagency projects on national security, science and technology development, intelligence, Amazon research, and public sector capacity-building. His last position was chief of staff for CNPq’s presidency. Earlier, he worked as an international marketing analyst for EMBRAER, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. Born and raised in Brazil, he holds a PhD in Political Science from Columbia University and BA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


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