Dionne Whitby

Director - Marketing/Research

Dionne Whitby

Dionne Whitby is The Stevenson Group’s Manager of Market Development. She is responsible for researching trends in target industries and attending industry events on behalf of TSG and TSG clientele to connect with key people of interest and to identify potential business opportunities. Her impeccable research skills and ability to keep up with emerging markets and market trends in various regions allows her to target specific niches and market segments that seem promising for TSG and TSG clientele. She has cultivated a marketing team of subject matter experts across various industries that can provide specialized representational services and insight into various markets.

In addition to Market Development, Ms. Whitby is also a Digital Content and Marketing Strategist and Business Consultant with years of experience in government and international affairs. As a Digital Content and Marketing Strategist she understands how audiences consume information, what they consume and how to create it. She is highly skilled in developing a rousing company narrative and creating content for digital platforms and print publications that increase customer traffic to company websites and social media pages, generates new business leads and delivers company sales. As a business consultant, she has worked with a number of small start-up companies and nonprofits to include I.C.A.R.E. Academy an organization focused on creating an ecosystem for arts and entertainment in urban cities. She is also highly-skilled and experienced in process improvement and logistics management. She leads the review of a $1+ million program that resulted in changes which increased program focus, efficiency, and effectiveness. She also helped an organization circumvent over $11,000 in budget cuts and save an additional $2,700 in program costs, while still meeting the organization’s key objectives.

Ms. Whitby earned her Bachelor’s degree from Penn State University in International Politics and Security and Risk Analysis with a focus on Middle Eastern Studies. She is also a member of Penn State’s Strategic and Global Security Scholar’s Program. She is a Senator David L. Boren National Security Scholar who spent a year abroad studying at the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan learning the Arabic language and issues critical to U.S. National Security. Her international studies and career experiences have provided her with a strategic and global perspective that she hopes to leverage when developing marketing opportunities for you.


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