D. Yvonne Rivers

Senior Consultant

D. Yvonne Rivers

D. Yvonne Rivers is an experienced global innovator in the entrepreneurship, nonprofit and social impact community across the globe since 2013. Ms. Rivers is an ‘executive strategic thinker’ in the fields of business, social impact, and gender equality.

D. Yvonne Rivers is the Founder and Principal of Phoebe Marketing Group established in 1997, a business development, leadership development, marketing and strategic planning training company serving globally and headquartered in Washington, DC. Yvonne is the creator and producer of the Business Pitch competition, ‘DC Shark Tank’ in 2015, now “Phoebe Pitch Tank” hosting events around the world. Phoebe Group clients include U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS), U.S. State Department Initiative “‘African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program’ and other corporate and government entities. Ms. Rivers is a Master Trainer with her custom curriculum in teaching entrepreneurship, leadership development, and strategic planning. Phoebe Global is headquartered in Washington, DC since 2010 and has over twenty (20) collaborative partnerships in social entrepreneurship, technical assistance, and global sustainability impact on (4) four continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the United States and Canada and provides training in (5) five languages.

Ms. Rivers manages a busy speaking calendar on issues on domestic violence, women’s equality in business and economic empowerment, NGO governance racial injustice reform. Ms. Rivers has a powerful voice of experience in the global community in education, diversity, and inclusion. Ms. Rivers is an experienced host in media including radio, television, digital media, and podcasting. Ms. Rivers has traveled throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe and is a micro-investor in organizations serving women and youth in Africa.

Ms. Rivers graduated from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania, and did her graduate marketing studies at VCU in Richmond, Virginia. In her free time, you will find Yvonne with a cup of coffee in a quiet outdoor sanctuary.


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