Streamline Government Contracts , LLC

Contract Management Services

  • Review and negotiate Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDA)
  • Review and negotiate Teaming Agreements (TA)
  • Review reseller agreements
  • Prepare proposal compliance matrix(technicaland/orpricing)
  • Repare cost proposal
  • Contract/subcontract review to ensure accuracy from proposal submittal
  • Review costs and provide guidance how to execute contract within price restraints (service contracts only)
  • Review and negotiate subcontracts
  • Attend and participate in the Government kickoff meeting
  • Prepare and present internal kickoff meeting
  • Prepare contract/task order briefs (briefs track funding changes, funding need, workforce,etc.)
  • Review contract modifications andupdatefinancialinformationon contract brief
  • Ongoing support (respond to CO emails, verifyqualifications for new staff members, etc.)
  • Review invoice set-up and/or monthly invoicing
  • Prepare and/or review customer monthly contractual reports
  • Prepare contract correspondence (e.g. limitation of funds letters, change in keypersonnel)
  • Prepare internal monthly report for executive (one status report for all active contracts/task orders)
  • Prepare cost-to-complete/estimate at completion
  • Conduct contract close-out
  • Contracts Health Assessment Package (CHAP)
  • Best Practices Assessment (BPA)
  • Contract Reporting (e.g. Manpower, Service Contract Reporting)
  • Process audit for contracts
  • GSA schedule admin, including calculating CAF/IFF
  • Contracts Assessment Review
  • Update Government databases (e.g. SAM)
  • Employee Process Training
  • Misc./Other

Karen Long, CFCM, M.S., MBA

Streamline Government Contracts, LLC


The Stevenson Group (TSG) is a Washington, DC based consulting firm that provides exceptional consulting services along with dedicated legal support from Washington Global Law Group PLLC to mid and large size companies interested in expanding their business in the United States and globally.

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