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The Stevenson Group’s strength lies in our ability to navigate the unknown for our clients and provide solutions to even the most complex business challenges. We also offer key representational services which allows us to support our clients where and when it counts.

Business & Portfolio
  • Sustainable Investments
  • Emerging Markets
  • Procurement & Allocation Opportunities
  • Government Contracting Opportunities
  • Defense Contracting Opportunities
  • Outsourcing & Privatization Opportunities
  • Federal Government, Commercial & International Revenue Opportunities
  • Cultural Seminars & Orientation Trainings
  • Market Access
  • Market Development
  • International Representation
  • Partnerships
  • Credibility
  • Political & Economic Environments
  • Governance, Regulatory Reforms & Policy Issues
  • Corporate & Regulatory Affairs
  • The Internet Economy
  • Emerging Markets
  • Market Presence
  • Profitability
  • Strategic & Logistics Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Acquisition, Mergers & Joint Venture Consulting
  • Labor & Workforce Development
  • Product Development
  • Distribution Services
  • Risk Analysis
  • Finance Solutions
  • Biometric Identity Management
  • Diversity & Corporate Responsibility
  • Security & Risk Analysis
  • Security Assessment
  • Defense Capability Development
  • Defense Industry Contracting Services


Expeditionary: The Stevenson Group provides key expeditionary services for business leaders expanding company operations into challenging and unfamiliar foreign and domestic markets.

  • TSG consultants have successfully penetrated emerging markets in over 21 countries for major defense contractors, start-ups and small and mid-size companies.
  • We identify, shape, and provide sustainable business solutions and opportunities that meet your company’s needs.
  • We analyze our data and interpret our findings to form our top recommendations for you.

Representational: We understand that our clients cannot be everywhere at once, so we offer representational services that allows us to act on our clients behalf and accomplish key business goals in compressed periods of time.

  • We cultivate partnerships with local businesses and vendors for our clients that promote successful market integration.
  • We strive to link our clients with companies and vendors that supplement their existing capabilities to ensure they will have sustainable growth and maximize on market opportunities.
  • Through our international network of associates, consultants, and partners we are prepared to complete the hard work for you.

Our consultants will…

  • Identify and explore new market opportunities for our client’s products and services.
  • Identify stakeholder/buyer requirements and regulatory constraints to facilitate successful market integration.
  • Identify appropriate audiences within government agencies and private companies and establish points of contact on our clients behalf.
  • Conduct interviews and provide a preliminary report summarizing TSG’s market research and other findings.
  • Schedule and support clients during meetings when appropriate and coordinate follow-up actions to maximize opportunities developed during meetings.
  • Support our clients’ presence in Washington, DC and elsewhere by attending major conferences, receptions, and other functions where our clients’ presence is needed to build new relationships.
  • Oversee the successful commercialization of our clients products and services from start to finish.


The Stevenson Group also provides our clients with government relations and business development services focused on positioning our clients for key contracting opportunities.

  • We coordinate with government, defense, and private sector leadership to introduce our clients to stakeholders involved in developing policy and executing new business contracts.
  • We provide guidance on workforce development, human resource practices, regulatory and international trade laws, and global governance issues.
  • Help our clients navigate the ever-changing global environment, which often acts as a barrier to entry for new businesses, products, and services.

Our consultants will…

  • Provide advisement on policy related issues and timelines.
  • Provide advisement on business opportunities for our clients in new and existing markets.
  • Assist in developing and executing our clients’ government relations campaign by reaching out to government offices with oversight over client issues.
  • Advise our clients on how to prepare for meetings, develop presentations and supporting documents.

Our principal partners at Washington Global Law Group PLLC are also available to provide analysis of legal documents, reports, investigations, and/or drafting responses to such documents. They are also available to perform other legal services as required.


The Stevenson Group (TSG) is a Washington, DC based consulting firm that provides exceptional consulting services along with dedicated legal support from Washington Global Law Group PLLC to mid and large size companies interested in expanding their business in the United States and globally.

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