Who we are

The Stevenson Group - USA is structured to meet the needs of U.S. and overseas commercial industry clients seeking to work with elements of the U.S. Government, State Governments, Local Authorities, Resident NGOs, The United Nations and US Domiciled Corporations across the country.

What we do

We work to assure higher probabilities of success in offering technology and capabilities to these entities so clients can win business and secure contracts. This is accomplished by matching our industry client to key departments and activities that assures proper access to appropriate U.S. government officials or senior corporate executives.

How we do it

TSG USA provides solutions to the most complex government and business challenges through the following services:

Integrated Consultation and Strategic Advisory Services
Project, Program, and Portfolio Management Support
Supply Chain and Commercial Transactions Advice and Support
Capital, Joint Venture, Sales and Management Support
National Security and International Trade Compliance Support
Strategic Advice for working with US Government Departments such as Defense, Energy, State, Homeland Security and the like

TSG USA is composed of a cadre of experts from the public and private sectors with many years of experience in senior roles amongst multiple geographies. We provide our clients with expert understanding of the business process of these agencies as well as an understanding of the best pathways to reaching corporate America.

The Leadership Team within TSG USA:


The Stevenson Group (TSG) is a Washington, DC based consulting firm that provides exceptional consulting services along with dedicated legal support from Washington Global Law Group PLLC to mid and large size companies interested in expanding their business in the United States and globally.

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